Bastiàn & wine & snack event Lu-Ma "Wine and friends"

In the beautiful setting of the famous wine shop and wine bar Lu – Ma, we presented Bastiàn wines with top pairings signed by the Wine and Friends team. The excellent atmosphere and the real experience were further enhanced by the award – winning sommelier Goran Petrić, who presented Bastiàn wines, and the young sommelier, head of the wine bar, Filip Živković, devised a creative menu and combined Bastiàn wines in a very interesting way.

Malvazija 2022 went well with the octopus salad and Bastiàn olive oil, after which came the second course - tramenzzini bread, cream cheese, fresh cucumber, capers, smoked salmon which was followed by Bastiàn Rosé 2022. This was followed by a third, more complex sequence in which Merlot 2021 came to its full expression with 16 – month-old prosciutto from Brštanov and aged cheese. In addition to the great atmosphere and camaraderie, the evening was rounded off by a sweet sequence and Prime Minister Muscat, which Živković paired with vanilla ice cream, hazelnut oil and toasted hazelnuts.

We are glad that you enjoyed with us!

Your Bastiàn