Our story


Bastiàn wines are the result of a married couple’s love for wine. With love, passion, persistence, and a desire to make an unforgettable and unique story, Petra and Ivan Leko created Bastiàn wines. They recognized the God-given beauty, uniqueness and potential of the Istrian landscape, the white soil, native vineyards, and together with a team of top enologists, agronomists, technicians and winegrowers, they worked with an immense amount of dedication on the quality of Bastian wines.

Devoted to Istria’s white soil

Buje has been keeping a watchful eye over Istria for centuries. Since the Middle Ages, the town has been known as the guardian of Istria, protecting the endless vineyards and olive groves, and thus the lives of the locals. The view from Buje stretches from green Istria, to the blue sea, and all the way to the white capped Alps. This God-given position protects people from danger, because Istria has long been the target of invasion, precisely because of its valuable land. Over the course of time, these various invaders tried to usurp the local’s ownership of this beautiful region.

Everyone, from the ancient Greeks, Histrians, Romans, Italians and Croats, was engaged in the cultivation of grapes in Istria. As a result this place has rightly been considered the best for growing grapes and making wine. Many people have come to know Buje’s special position, the peculiarity of its white soil, the height, the clean air, and the resolute, deep roots that search for water, the alternating sun and rain, which all result in wines with a refreshing taste. These wines are reminiscent of a fragrant spring morning after a rainy night. The notes of each wine are cleaner, fresher, more mineral, and have richer aromas.

Standing on the slopes and peaks of these vineyards, or in the town core, on the town’s walls, we get the impression of freedom, a liberty that inspires us and creates a break from everyday life. We protect what is important and valuable, and work devotedly in the ground’s white soil, reaping the rewards of these fine, high quality wines.

Thanks to our work and dedication, we can better distinguish the important from the unimportant, the truth from the untruth, granting us the feeling of being freer and happier.

Our story