Bastiàn Malvasia Istria is a superb dry white wine with specific floral and fruity aromas. It has a light lemon-yellow color with a greenish hue. The complexity of the fragrance comes from the interweaving scents of the acacia flower, vineyard peach, grapefruit and basil. Its floral-fruity profile, purity and natural acidity give the wine a superb period of taste as well as a full and refreshing finish.

Grape Varieties

Malvazija Istria 100%, mostly planted with FVG 121 selection on Berlandieri x Riparia SO4. This selection is characterized by smaller bunches and moderate fertility, typical unobtrusive Malvasia varietal aromas and a floral-fruity profile, with recognizable freshness and natural acidity, as well as fullness and durability of taste.


Harvesting was done in the second half of September, over a week at different locations (Cupiga and Kaštanjari), in the early morning’s cool hours. The grapes are cooled to 10-12°C. The quick processing and gentle pressing process avoid damage to the grape berries in order to fully preserve their fresh aromas and flavors. At the end of fermentation, our wines are aged for six months in stainless steel, on a fine sediment of yeast.

Recommended with food

Bastiàn Malvazija will go well with white fish and various seafood specialties, such as raw oysters or crabs, and with light pasta with vegetables. It is best served at a temperature of 10 to 12 °C.