Bastiàn Rosé is an attractive pink dry wine made from the Merlot and Cabernet Franc grape varieties. It has a delicate color with a light pink sheen. The aromas of raspberry, wild strawberry, red currant, and orange blossom can be recognized in the medium-intense fruity fragrance. Fruity aromas, freshness and its light structure give this wine a gentle and refreshing finish.

Grape Varieties

Merlot 70%, Cabernet Franc 30%


Harvesting was done in the second half of September, in the early morning’s cool hours. The grapes are cooled to 10-12°C. Quick processing and a gentle pressing process avoid skin damage and color separation. At the end of the fermentation process, two decantations were made from the fine sediment of yeasts, in order to preserve maximum freshness and the precise, fine fruitiness.

Recommended with food

Bastiàn Rosé will pair perfectly with almost any dish, and is the best choice for light dishes, dishes with pasta, vegetables and seafood. It is best served at a temperature of 8 to 10 °C.