Bastiàn Malvasia Istria is a superb dry white wine with specific floral and fruity aromas. It has a light lemon-yellow color with a greenish hue. The complexity of the fragrance comes from the interweaving scents of the acacia flower, vineyard peach, grapefruit and basil. Its floral-fruity profile, purity and natural acidity give the wine a superb period of taste as well as a full and refreshing finish.


Bastiàn Merlot is an elegant dry red wine, ruby red in color. The aroma combines red plum, dark cherry, freshly ground pepper and licorice. The wine is soft and medium-bodied. The medium-lasting fruit flavor is achieved with scents of plum, blueberry, cherry, and sweet spices. Due to the lower level of fine sweet tannins, it is easy to drink.

Bastian merlot wine Merlot red wine


Bastiàn Rosé is an attractive pink dry wine made from the Merlot and Cabernet Franc grape varieties. It has a delicate color with a light pink sheen. The aromas of raspberry, wild strawberry, red currant, and orange blossom can be recognized in the medium-intense fruity fragrance. Fruity aromas, freshness and its light structure give this wine a gentle and refreshing finish.

Rose Bastian
Muscat Bastian